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Hassan Hashmi
Hassan Hashmi is the current Met Section co-chair for Young Members committee . He is a Traffic Engineer at Michael Baker International.
Alfred Yeung
Alfred Yeung, PE serves as the co-chair of the Professional Development committee and is an engineer at VHB with experience in site redevelopment and transportation improvement projects.
Brian Dempsey
Brian is the Met-Section Westchester Arrangements Co-chair. He has been actively involved in all levels of ITE for many years. Brian is a Partner and Senior Project Manager at Provident Design Engineering where he has been employed since 1986.
Andy Kaplan
Andy Kaplan is a Leadership ITE Alumn, and active with the ITE Transportation Safety Council and ITE Advocacy Committee. Andy is the Assistant Manager at Agency Operations Center, PANYNJ.
Emad Makarious
Emad Makarious, P.E., PTOE, Chairs the Met Section Emerging Trends and Policies Committee. He is a LeadershipITE alumni. He is an Administrative Engineer and Senior Traffic Engineer at NYCDOT of Transportation Services/ITS in the NYC.
Brad Miller
Brad Miller, PE, PTOE co-chairs the Mentorship Committee and specializes in ITS and Traffic Engineering at Michael Baker International.
Paul Eng-Wong
Paul is a Life Member of ITE and has served in elected offices on the Section and District levels. He has also Chaired ITE’s Planning Council and Transportation Consultants Council. He was the Northeastern District Director from 1992-1994 and served as ITE’s International President in 2010.
Tom Pagano
Tom serves on the local arrangements team for the Met Section. He is a Senior Transportation Engineer with Sam Schwartz.
Rob McAvoy
Rob McAvoy serves as the Met Section Web Master. He specializes in Traffic Engineering at Maser Consulting, P.A.
Michael Collins
Michael Collins is the current Met Section Webmaster. Working at GPI he specializes in application development, GIS-based web solutions, and simulation modeling.
Adam Allen
Adam Allen, PE, PTOE, TSOS is the current Met Section Director and a LeadershipITE alumni. He is the Traffic Engineering & ITS Department Manager at Maser Consulting.
Steven Eisenberg
Steven Eisenberg, P.E. serves on the ITE Met Section Executive Board. He is an Associate and Senior Traffic Engineer at L.K. McLean Associates, P.C.
Adam Allen
Adam Allen currently serves as the Section’s representative on the Northeastern District Board. He is a principal at Maser Consulting and leads their Traffic Engineering & ITS Department.
Anthony Mariani
Anthony Mariani co-chairs the Young Members Committee for the Met Section. He is Senior Project Engineer on the Traffic Engineering & ITS team at Maser Consulting.
Ben Yeung
Ben Yeung serves as a co-chair of the Met Section Young Members Committee. He specializes in traffic engineering and transportation planning with Sam Schwartz Engineering.
Warren Michelsen
Warren Michelsen is the membership chair for the Met Section. He is the Department Manager for Traffic Engineering / Transportation Planning at SIMCO Engineering.
Warren Michelsen
Warren Michelsen, P.E., PTOE is ITE Met Section’s Membership Chair. He is also a Senior Vice President and in charge of the Transportation Division of SIMCO Engineering.
Farukh Ijaz
Farukh Ijaz, P.E. serves on the ITE Met Section Executive Board. He is a LeadershipITE alumni, active with ITE CA/AV steering committee and ITS NJ Forum On Technology committee. He is a Project Manager at Kimley-Horn.
Ray DiBiase
Ray DiBiase, PE, PTOE, PTP is a co-chair of the Professional Development Committee. Ray is President/CEO of L.K. McLean Associates on Long Island.
Amanda Feeley
Amanda M. Feeley, PE, PTOE is a co-chair of the Central Jersey Local Arrangements Committee. She is a Traffic Engineer at Gannett Fleming.
John DeMarco
John Demarco co-chairs the Website Committee for the Met Section. He is Senior Engineer on the Traffic Engineering & ITS team at Maser Consulting.
Marvin Souza
Marvin Souza P.E. is a member of the Met Section Executive Board and holds the position of Associate Project Manager at NYCDOT.
Lu Ding
Lu Ding, PE, PTOE is a member of the Met Section Executive Board and is a Senior Transportation Engineer at the New Jersey Sports & Exposition Authority.
Krzysztof Lukasik
Krzysztof Lukasik is a member of the Central Jersey Arrangements and Communications committees. He is an Associate Traffic Engineer at The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.
Mike Salatti
Michael Salatti, PE, PTOE, RSP serves as the Met Section Administrator since he stewarded its incorporation in 2008. An ITE member since 1980, he currently serves on the International Board of Direction and specifically on the One ITE Task force. He is a 38 year Veteran at GPI, serving as Sr Vice President and its Director of Transportation Services in the NY metro area.
Keith Hall
Keith Hall currently co-chairs the Local Arrangements Committee for Central New Jersey. Working at Maser Consulting, he is an Assistant Project Manager specializing in Traffic Engineering and ITS.
Marvin Gersten
Marvin Gersten is a former Principal Project Manager at Parsons Brinckerhoff. He is currently the Chairman of the Met Section’s Dr. Louis J. Pignataro Memorial Transportation Engineering Education Award.

Technical Projects


Welcome to the Technical Projects Committee!

And like any committee, there will be numerous meetings, many debates, brainstorming of great ideas and ultimately, the committee chairs will ignore any and all input from everyone and select the projects they like most! Or at least, what our President will allow the committee to work on. Of course, we are only kidding!

This committee is dynamic, fun, and interesting committee for everyone to participate in. This committee attempts to support initiatives that will benefit the transportation planning and engineering community at large, and assist in addressing engineering, planning, and policy development within the New York/New Jersey Metro Area.

The goals of the Technical Committee shall be to improve the visibility of technical issues and projects in the Metropolitan New York area in light of national technical issues and projects.



  • Feature Presentation - ITE Past Presidents' Night - January 2018
  1. NYCDOT Traffic Operations Division, presented by Joshua Benson
  • NJDOT BrownBag Technical Session - October 2017
  1. Transportation Systems Management Engineering Design Process
  2. CPM Engineering Design Process
  • Smart City & Transportation Summit - March 2016
  1. IBM Smart City Global Perspective
  2. NJII Smart City Transportation and Data Analytics
  3. CartoDB: Motivation for Mapping with Open Data
  4. Intersection: Connecting The City with COnsumer Technology
  5. Placemeter: Continuous Data Collection for Smarter Cities
  6. Tactical Urbanism (large file)
  • Technical Conference - July 2013
  1. Freight and Resiliency
  2. IT and GIS Sandy Related Operations
  3. Highway Capacitance Manual Updates
  4. Traffic Simulation and Modeling Updates
  5. Emergency Sandy Response
  6. Integrated Incident Management Program
  7. Adaptive Signals
  8. NJTPA Regional Information
  9. Regional Priorities
  10. Port Jervis Line - Policy and Planning
  • Technical Conference - July 2012
  1. Designing Accessible Traffic Signals
  2. Retroreflectivity: New Management Requirements and Compliance
  3. CEQR Transportation Updated and HCM Model Calibration Tips and Tricks
  4. Public Outreach
  5. Traffic simulation for Maintenance and Protection of Traffic
  6. Traffic Information Management System (TIMS)
  7. Effective Strategies to improve Traffic Safety
  8. Traffic Safety Priorities Focus: Distracted Driving


Student Group Project (Coming Soon)

Technical Papers

Coming Soon.

Become Involved

For professionals and students interested in learning about the Technical Projects Committee and participating, this is a unique opportunity to get involved with colleagues across the New York/New Jersey Metro area. Please contact Einah Pelaez with any questions or to volunteer.